Who Were Merrill's Marauders?

Merrill’s Marauders is a group that was named after Frank Merrill. The group used the code Galahad in its military operations. Its official name later became 5307th Composit unit. The unit was formed in the United States of America.

During the Quebec conference in 1943, it was unanimously agreed that a special unit that would carry out jungle operations was to be put into action to counter the advancing Japanese in Burma. The group later became famous for deep penetration missions on Japanese lines.

In the Quebec Conference, the significant resolve was to have volunteers in the great mission. A total of 3,000 combats came into the force. The Caribbean Defense Command volunteered 960 jungle trained officers and men from Army ground officers.

Who Were Merrill’s Marauders?

The South Pacific Command contributed 674 battle-tested Jungle troops. They all assembled at Noumea, and New Caledonia. Stockades also made her contribution same to the army veterans of New Guinea and Bougainville campaign. The contribution Stockade made earned her freedom.

The troupe arrived in Bombay, India where they were destined to train. They were given the necessary training effects like the jungle boots, uniforms, blankets, sniper rifle machines, pistols, tents, bazooka, and other essentials.

The Merrill’s Marauders also had the support (reinforcement) from the Air Corps, signal corps personnel, the animal transport company that had mules and skilled mule drivers who would be used to haul radios, heavy weapon support, and ammunition.

They continued to undergo intensive training that would include patrolling, stream crossing, weapons, demolition, and navigation among others.


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