The Operation Of Dracula

The Japanese had one of the most potent forces during the Second World War. They attacked Yangon in 1942 forcing the British, the Indian, and the Burmese troops to flee to India. That left Yangon, the capital of Burma under the rulership of the Japanese.

According to Theipan Maung Wa, the underground bomb shelters, the sirens, and the fire bullets became the order of the day in Yangon. Things had taken a turn. The days when the moonlight was the beauty of life turned out to be the prime moments for attacks.  He was killed by bandits six months later.

Back to India, the British, Indian, and Burmese forces reorganized themselves and built up their capacity to launch an attack against the Japanese in Southern Burma and reclaim the city of Yangon. The Japanese learned that, and they decided to stall their attack by invading India.

The Operation Of Dracula

That didn’t work; the British forces were prepared and defeated them besides handicapping them deeply. It was known as the Battle of Imphal. The failed attack weakened the Japanese back at Burma, and they chose to leave. However, the British and allies had no information about the Japanese retreating, and they went ahead with the attack in May 1945.

They planned both the air and the land attacks. This attack is what is known as the operation of Dracula. Both the banks of River Yangon were under guard by the British and more convoys from Akyab, and Ramree islands were deployed. On May 1st they bombed the Japanese forces at Yangon.

They later learned that the Japanese had left earlier through a note on the prison roof reading ‘’Japs Gone”.


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