The Burcops

Burcops were the Army Corps of the Indian Army in the Second World War. The troop was formed in Prome, Burma 19th March 1942. Burma has a rich history in the Second World War, it was the battle field for many wars between the imperial Japanese army against the British and the British Indian Army.

The formation of Burcorps and the realignment was done thrice. In 1941-1942, 1942-1943, and 1943-1944. The first footsoldiers division of the army of India is the original burcorps. Under the division, the 39th Indian infantry division which was initially the first Burma Division came into force. It was done on 14th July 1941.

The Burcops

James Bruce Scott was the commanding officer of the 39th Indian infantry. Under this division were the 1st Burma infantry brigade, the 2nd infantry brigade, and the 13th infantry division. Gen. James also commanded the 7th Armored Brigade, the 16th infantry brigade, 48th infantry brigade and the 63rd infantry brigade.  All were Indian Brigades.

Later on, the first Burma Division changed to Indian formation after the 1942 campaign. There was a lot of interchange between the units throughout the Second World War. Changing the units was a decision that was arrived at after a demeaning performance of the troops during the Arakan offensive.

The troupes lacked a lot of military skills, expertise, and training to maneuver through the Burma jungle and counter the tough and resilient Imperial Japanese Army. The new form of training and would also revive the morale in the forces.





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