What Was Island Hopping Really About?

Island hopping was a guerilla war strategy that the United States derived from creating attacks on the Japanese by taking control of the small islands which the Japanese had not given much attention on defense.

The aim of gaining these islands was ultimately to build a military base which would later help them make a mainland attack on Japan. The troops that were the US involved were led by Douglas Mac Arthur- commander in chief of the Allied forces, and Admirer Chester W Nimitz- commander in Chief of the Pacific fleet.

What Was Island Hopping Really About?

The US made its first landing and quickly established a military base and strips for landing. Mac Arthur and Admirer William Halsey met and hatched a plan to seize the Japanese troops at Rabaul. On April 26, 1942, they generated a code name “Cartwheel” which would later be used in operation.

On February 1945, they took control of the Solomon Islands and later the US forces made their first landing the territory of the Japanese at Lwo Island. They encountered a bloody war that left 6,381 US men killed and more than 20,000 Japanese men dead.

In April the same year, the Japanese made an attack on the US forces at Okinawa. The Kamikaze attack was the bloodiest war in the history of the Pacific war.

The island hopping was not an easy strategy for the US troops. Unlike the Japanese forces, the allied US force was not used to the guerrilla war. Many of them suffered from Malaria, dysentery and skin Fungi. However, they conquered the islands in the long run.



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