Burma Road Map

Burma Road remains to be historical during the Second Sino-Japanese war. The 1154-kilometer road was primarily constructed to facilitate supplies to China from Burma by the British. That resulted in a war between the British and Japan that we shall look at shortly.

More than 200,000 Burmese and Chinese under the British Colony constructed Burma Road from its first terminus at Leshio in Burma to the South West of China. Other terminuses were at Kunming and Yunnan. The construction of Burma Road took place between 1937-1938.

Burma Road Map

The Japanese opened fire against the Britons and forced them to halt the supply of materials to China for three months in 1940. By 1942, the Japanese had overrun Burma, and that forced the allies to make the supplies to China by air.

The cargo plane C-46s Cargo plane of the United States flew the supplies from Assam, through the hump to the Himalaya’s eastern end. The British, Chinese, and the American Army under the British command, Indian general, Joseph Stilwell, waged war against Japan when they tried to Capture Assam.

They were successful to get back the Northern Part of Burma which the Japanese had taken hostage. They then constructed Ledo road which connected the old Burma Road.


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