What Do You Know About The Fall Of Singapore?

The fall of Singapore was a huge set back to the British army. In 1942, Singapore accepted defeat which was least expected by the British military. It was the most devastating moment and a loss to many other Commonwealth countries.

The significance of Singapore to the British

The British had completed a military base in Singapore which was an essential training and monitoring tool for their attacks. They had all reasons to fear for Singapore’s attack following an extensive spread by the British in the Region. It was almost apparent that Singapore would be the next target by the Japanese.

What Do You Know About The Fall Of Singapore?

How Singapore fell

The British had themselves to blame for the fall of Singapore for the following reasons. Attitude towards the Japanese military. The British believed they had launched enough defense that would keep off the Japanese landing with ease. When the Japanese made a landing at Kota Bharu aerodrome, the commander asked the troops to “shove the little men away.” Mistake number one.

The British maintained the rule book and flocked the bars and restaurants in Singapore. Their lifestyle was a complacent military camp. Mistake number two.

When the British pursued the Japanese two of their ships sank, that paralyzed them and killed their morale which resulted in retreating.

Why Japan had a seamless way

The Japanese practiced a high level of Brutality on the captured fighters. They tortured and killed them. Furthermore, the Japanese vouched for constant attacks that caught the British Army unawares. This is beside the Japanese involving speed in the operations and avoiding taking the prisoners of war.


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