Unveiling the Secrets of Project Z

The Second World War had intensified, and Japan was sensing more defeats from the British and allies and America on the other hand as new entrants into the war after the Pearl Harbor attack. The only way for Japan to counter-attack was to modify the aeronautical developments.

Project Z was a purely, highly-technological warfare project. Project Z is a code name for an intercontinental bomber. This military project can be likened to the Nazi German Bomber project. It began in 1943.

Unveiling the Secrets of Project Z

When the owner of Nakajima Aircraft Company saw the heavy defeat Japanese encountered in the battle of the Midday, he drafted this project that could help Japan regain control in the war. He projected the industrial advancement of the Americas and was sure they Americans would derive more power in the technological weaponry.  The only way to go about was to change the war tactic.

The proposed project would double the H4-44 engine – most powerful plane engine in Japan), to an engine capacity of 36 cylinders. Project z would be able to carry a minimum of 300 troops and fixed with superior gunship; 40 firing download machine guns. These machine guns would fire at least 640 rounds per second.

The essence of the project would be to cripple the economy of the Americans through the intensified underground attack and mass destruction. In Nakajima’s plan, new technologies would be the only way to revive the aeronautical military power.

This project was later canceled by the authorities in Japan.


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