Great Bengal Famine

The great Bengal famine was the worst famine India has ever had. That’s why when the British came to India, they had a cruel economic agenda which did not sympathize with the native citizens.

The first famine ever to hit India was in 1770. Others happened in 1783, 1866, 1873, 1897, and 1943-44. The first famine took place in 1770, and it went on until 1773 where it killed at least 10 million people. It was almost one-third of the population of Bengal

John Fiske, a historical researcher in his book called, “The Unseen World,” stated that Bengal famine was the worst famine ever to happen than the Black Plague which tormented Europe in the 14th century.

Winston Churchill, who was then a British War Prime minister was callous about the famine that was swallowing Bengal’s population.

The supplies like medical aid and food that meant for the starving victims, he gave them to European soldiers. When he was asked why he did so, he said, ” Famine or no famine, Indians will breed like rabbits.”

When the Delhi government wrote to Winston Churchill painting a bad picture of the famine and the number of deaths.

Winston Churchill cared less, and his response was, ” Then why hasn’t Gandhi died yet?” The deadliest famine to occur after Bengal happened in 1943. In this famine, at least 3 million died while others were forced to eat grass to survive.


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