The Surprising Nazi History of The Chase Bank

The Nazi conducted a lot of fraudulent transactions with the German–Americans before and during World War II. Not only the German-American and the Nazi, but also the government of Germany was involved in the transfer of funds even when accounts had been frozen.

This was made possible through different corporations including the American’s subsidiary bank in German, Chase Bank Corporation. It came to light in October 1940 when the Federal Bureau Investigations was looking into the case of the German-Americans who bought Marks that belonged to the fleeing Jews when the Nazi spelt doom on them.

The Surprising Nazi History of The Chase Bank

The government of Germany sold out the Reichsmark,- special kind of Ruckwanderer to the citizens of America in Germany. This is where Chase bank fell into the net. Since the money had been stolen from the Jews who had fled for their lives in 1936, the government sold it at a lower price than the face value.

This would give room for the sympathizers of Nazi to buy them. At the same time, the Government offered commissions to the middle corporations that would facilitate the transactions, Chase bank being the key player. Between 1936-1941, the Nazi had accumulated at least $20 million out of which, $1.2 million was given out as commission. Chase bank would later be the lion’s share beneficiary in commissions of $500,000.

The executive officers of chase bank escaped prosecutions by threatening to reveal the sources and methods of the findings in court by the FBI. That would comprise the Espionage Act, Johnson Act, and Foreign Agency Registration Act.


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