The Surprising Nazi History Of IBM

The Holocaust narrative is still a thrilling event in the history of the Jews.  In the 1990s Ford and GM were nailed for being partisan to the dreadful fate of the Jews. However, they owned up their affiliations with the Nazis. Apologized and took responsibility in charitable funds.

One party that came as a mystery is the IBM. No one knew about it until Edwin Black unraveled a lot of content in 2001 through his book, IBM, and The Holocaust. The controversial book is said to have helped unearthen thousands of documents that highly link IBM to a significant contribution in the Holocaust.

The Surprising Nazi History Of IBM

The IBM is allegedly the numerical intercessor in the pre-computer time in the Holocaust. They collaborated closely with the Nazis among other companies like Kodak and Coca-Cola.

IBM directly provided technology, assisted in the implementation, and maintenance of the machines. Through every stage of the Holocaust, IBM was involved since they managed the tabulations. Right from identifying the Jews, isolating them, excluding them and determining their wealth, separating them into ghettos, deporting, and executing them.

The Hollerith machines by IBM would be used to track the passengers and freights trains and continuously tabulate the census in the concentration camps. Ideally, this machines that were used on the punching cards monitored the movement of the Jews.

It is difficult for the IBM to concretely exonerate themselves from the Holocaust since the Nazis leased their services and they constantly tabulated the machines and serviced them at the concentration camps.




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