The Surprising Nazi History of Fanta

Before the Second World War, and part of the Second World War, many subsidiary companies of the American-based corporations moved to Germany, France and other parts of Eastern Europe. Coca-Cola is one of the companies that set foot and established its productions in Germany.

Despite the ongoing war, Coca Cola continued to experience massive flow in stock turnover and production in Berlin. It became the national pride of Germany. Its highly-caffeinated effects profoundly influenced the coming of Coca-Cola in Germany in 1929. Hitler loved coca cola, and he often took the refreshing sips while watching the American movies.

The Surprising Nazi History of Fanta

Due to such effects including being highly-addictive cocaine, it penetrated so quickly into the market. However, things took a sharp turn after the Pearl Harbor attack on America. America got into the war and withdrew most of the corporations from Germany. It also cut the supply to Berlin and shut communication with Max Keith who was the head of the subsidiary in Germany.

The danger of supply brought forth the Fanta Product. Maxi went to the lab with his team and made “funny” concoctions to produce it since he could not make the coca cola syrup. According to Mark Pendergrast, author of “For God, Country, and Coca-cola,” Fanta was a leftover of the leftovers.

In his investigation, Fanta was made from the leftovers of apple fibers, whey-a bi-product of cheese, and mash from cedar presses. If this was anything to go by, then the revelations of what Fanta was, was a substandard product that quenched the thirst of the Nazi and entire Berlin during the war.


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