Lanka Sama Samaja Party

The Lanka Sama Samaja Party (LSSP) is an old party that stems back into 1935 when it was founded to fight the independence of the country and the contentious issues of the state language among other reasons.

The same reasons SLLP fought seem to be alive to date. China is facing a lot of social media censorship which is an outright impediment to the fight against sexual harassment in the universities and colleges. The rate at which the social media engagements get reported has resulted in a different course towards the censorship control.

Lanka Sama Samaja Party

Due to the censorship, the use of figurative language has come to play. The social media campaigns led by the hashtag #MeTooInChina got censored, and it transformed to #RiceBunny to elude the censorship. The uses of homophones, emojis, and nicknames have helped to revolutionize the social media campaigns.

The first citizen of China Luo Xixi who resides in the Silicon brought the idea of #MeTooinChina when she wrote a 3,000-word article on Weibo that expressed the sexual harassment she underwent under the arms of her University Professor and supervisor.

She attracted millions of viewers and action was taken against Professor Chen Xiawon. That ruptured the opening up process. Today, the alumni of fifty different universities and the Professors of 30 universities have come up to advocate for ways of dealing with sexual harassment and strengthening the reporting systems in case of such claims.

The corrupt education system in China has contributed a lot to the harassment. The professors use the coursework marks, scholarships and outcome of degrees to lure and sexually blackmail students.


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