The Battle of Hong-Kong

Among the first battles of the Pacific War was The Battle of Hong Kong alias the Defence of Hong Kong which took place in the Second World War.

On 8 December 1941, the Japanese Empire successfully attacked the British Crown colony of Hong Kong which comprised of Hong Kong Island and the nearby interiors of Kowloon.

The attack is said to have violated the international law simply because Japan had not in any way declared war against the British Empire.

The barracks of Hong Kong comprised of Indian, Canadian and British units as well as the recruits in and outside Hong Kong and the Chinese army.

The Japanese soldiers invaded the western part of the defensive line and later progressed southward along the Kowloon Peninsula interiors. The British troops later joined in to invade the Hong Kong Island.

After several futile demands for surrender from the Japanese, the Island center was wholly attacked. Here is where the ugliest killings took place. Nuns and medical staff were massacred and soldiers tortured and killed.

On 25 December 1941, is when the Hong Kong’s Governor General called for surrender while at the Hotel of Peninsula Hong Kong. Finally, the Japanese military Isogai Rensuke became the next Hong Kong’s governor.


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