Pearl Harbor as a Turning Point

Since the beginning of the Second World War, the major nemesis in the war was the Nazi with its allies like Italy and Britain with its allies like Australia. During the war, Japanese were not a force to undermine. They were so brutal and sent thrills to many colonies and the super powers involved in the war.

During all this time, America had not officially gotten into the war in as much as it supported some countries like the Great Britain. It’s possible they may never have gotten into the war until a dark cloud of attack fell on them at the Pearl Harbor.

Pearl Harbor as a Turning Point

On 7th December 1941, the Imperial Japanese Navy launched an air attack on the American Navy Base at the Pearl Harbor. They used the aircraft carrier force to bomb many ships anchored at the harbor including the Battleships.

Twelve battleships and 343 aircrafts were destroyed, more than 2000 Americans wounded and 2403 perished in the attack. This was the change of the Second World War story. They got into the war officially.

In as much it was important for the Japanese to attack the Pearl Harbor; it was a miscalculation on their side inviting America into the war. President Franklin Roosevelt declared war on Japan.

The perception of America on war significantly changed. They used more force, and the naval battle plan was to outgun with force. America did not take too much time to rebuild the pacific fleet, something Japan did not expect.



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