North and South Korea: How Different Are They?

The two neighboring countries; South Korea and North Korea are two worlds apart. It is difficult to understand how the once one people turned out to have distinct differences in their political, social, and religious lifestyles.

Their borders will explain more. At the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) there are 600,000 South Korea army and 28, 000 US troops. On the other side, North Korea has stuffed 700,000 soldiers within 80 kilometers of the DMZ. With this defense, it is hard to explain if the two countries are at peace with each other.

North and South Korea: How Different Are They?

Political Difference

While North Korea holds political prisoners of the state, South Korea does not. That is a sure indication of the nature and level of democracies between the two.

In the recent survey by Transparency International, North Korea experiences a very limited press freedom, contributing to the country being one of the most corrupt in the word.

Social Differences

The music lifestyle in North Korea is mostly state-controlled. The k-pop music is limited with the gagging of the content. South Korea is the hub of k-pop music with many international musicians and hundreds of music recording studios.

The clothing does not have too much limit in South Korea. In fact, Seoul is the mother of fashions and designs. In North Korea, a miniskirt, skinny jeans and some hairstyles are restricted.

North Korea has limited the use of internet to educational services and public use while 80/100 citizens in South Korea had free access to internet two decades ago.

These two countries are yet to make peace with each other and reduce the threat of nuclear testing in North Korea nuclear plant.






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