Marco Polo Bridge incident in July 1937

The Marco Polo Bridge incident is a dispute that erupted between the Chinese and Japanese near the Marco Polo Bridge in 1937.

Here’s what happened…

Japan started occupying China’s territories in 1937 like Manchuria (Northeast China) and made Manchukuo (Manzhouguo) a puppet state.

But they did not stop there. Japan continued to spread its influence into more regions like the Belping and Tianjin.

China became furious and triggered the anti-Japanese movement in 1937 with the hopes of reclaiming back its territories from Japan. They teamed up with Chinese nationalists and communists to form a united front and fight back the Japanese.

Before the war erupted, Japanese army camped in Fengtai, a railway junction next to  Marco Polo Bridge, Southwest of Beiping.

On the night of July 1937, a small army of Japanese forced their way into the Marco Polo Bridge to search for one of their soldiers.

But the Chinese refused to allow the Japanese to enter into the walled town of Wanping. Due to this aggression, a shot was fired, and both sides started fighting.

The Chinese government, refused any negotiations and mediation with Japanese, making the war to continue. As fights went on, Japan scored victories. The conflict went on, and it became known as the Sino-Japanese War of 1937 to 1945.



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