King Sisowath Monivong of Cambodia

Cambodia was part of the Indochina which was the territory of the French. King Sisowath was a friendly administrator to the French administration.


King Sisowath was born in 1875 in Phnom Penh. He was the second born son of King Sisowath and his mother, Neak Moneang Van. The death of his brother validated him to become the Prince. Sisowath Monivong had other siblings of which, he was the sixth born child.

In 1906, he joined military training in Sount Maixent, France, where he trained for two years and graduated at the rank of Sous Lieutenant. He quickly rose through ranks. He worked in Foreign legion, Brive, and Paris.

King Sisowath Monivong of Cambodia

He went back to Cambodia in 1909, and in 1910, he was promoted to the post of a lieutenant. He became a captain in 1916 and the Chief of Battalion in 1922. The same year, he was redeployed from the military service for other administrative functions.

For instance, he served as the Secretary-General to the council of ministers and the president of the council of the royal family.

His role as a king.

When he took power in 1927, the French had a smooth riding. However it allowed the communists’ ideologies whose intention was to get rid of the French.

When the Japanese invaded Cambodia in 1941, they took over the guard but they allowed the Vichy French (the king was part of it) to take the administration. When the oppression from the Japanese and the Thai became too much, Monivong escaped to Baker Mountain where he later died.



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