Jews Occupied In China

The Jews who lived in China between 1845-1945 were mainly from Austria, Germany, and Poland. They migrated to Shanghai China mostly between the 1930s and early to mid-1940s. The Jews had the worst in the history of their existence during this period-Holocaust story.

It was a fair struggle to get into China more than many other countries in Asia for two primary reasons. One, China was a haven for the Jews in as much as it wasn’t easy to get the entrance due to some corrupt Japanese officials.

Jews Occupied In China

Two, some Chinese diplomats were willing to offer the protective passports and transit visas like Ho Heng-Shan and Chiune Sugihara respectively. The transit visa would help the Jews move to Shanghai after a short stay in Japan.

The Japanese who were in control of Shanghai at the time, organized a stay for the Jews at in 1.9km square of land in what is Hongkou district today. They stayed in homes called Heime. Later the Jews in China would then form the found state of Israel.

In 1941, an estimated number of 20,000 Europeans Jews moved to Shanghai, at least there were restrictions on Visas to get to China. That made China a haven for the Jews fraternity.

The Nazi put a lot of pressure on Japan to exterminate the Jews in Shanghai during the Holocaust, but Japanese bought time until the end of the Second World War. Japan considered the relationship with its allies, China, and did not want to provoke them any further.


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