Japanese Prisoners In The US In Pictures

The pictorial narratives that we get from different countries about the World War 2 tend to display opinions and debates on personalities. For instance, the Prisoners of War in under the Japanese Imperial army portray emaciated, starved and ill-health men.

Most if these pictures show the POW in the western allies to be healthy, groomed, and generally well-maintained humans. Although the POWs who were held in the Soviet Union got a harsh treatment unlike those in the US, India, and Britain.

Japanese Prisoners In The US In Pictures

A picture of 1st May 1945 shows Japanese prisoners of war standing behind a barbed wire fence. They are all in shoes, clean clothes and healthy skins. Their bodies are well-built and healthy. This is uncharacteristic of the US POWs in Japan.

The prisoners of war in the allied forces and especially in the US as the pictures show did not have a rough time. Those that refused to work were allowed to play baseball. Most of them were not allowed to die from treatable illnesses while some served as the intelligence service to the allied forces.

The other photo of the same year shows the POWs of Japan blinded. The US soldiers were escorting them out of a submarine after rescuing them from their sunken fishing trawlers and freights. Some of the Japanese POWs resisted the capturing. They considered being a prisoner war as a failure to serve their empire.

After the years of being detained, some prisoners of war decided to stay in the US while others returned to their homes in Japan.



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