Indian Army During WW2

The British Indian Army was the largest volunteer army in history with over 2.5 million men. They fought in World War II in 1939.

They fought in different divisions such as

  • Infantry
  • Armor
  • Fledgling airborne force

Their rising number made them fight in different continents such as Africa, Europe, and Asia. The Indian Army fought in a different place such as Ethiopian, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria against enemies such as Italian and Germany army.

By 1939, the British Indian Army had expertise and experience because they fought in different battles in the past such as Third Afghan War, North West Frontier and many wars in the past before World War II.

The Indian Army had no shortage of workforce but they had the challenge of technical personnel.

In 1939, most of their army comprised of 130,000 Indian men and 44,000 British men. Their main aim was internal security and self-defense against possible enemy attacks such the Russian.

As the war went on their size got bigger in numbers, but the only challenge they faced is enough equipment.

World War II was the last war where Indians fought alongside the British Army. After the war, the biggest casualties were Indians because they were in plenty. If you enjoyed reading this article, please share it.


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