Whether or not the British rule was abuse or benefit on the Indian continent is a subject for the ages. Below we will rehash some facts that lean towards the fact that British rule, in fact, destroyed the Indian continent.

Incorporated by Royal Charter on December 31, 1600, The famed British East Company was created with one purpose in mind, exploitation of the lands of the East. This company was formed to get involved with the spice/ silk trade but stealthily introduced the concept of Divide and Conquer of which the continent still languishes from till this day. From the inception of the British rule in the 1600’s, the first colony of the British was created after Thomas Row was able to get permission in 1615 to open the first factory. One of the most notable skills of the deceptive British is often called “Divide and Conquer”. This strategy is based on noticing an already existing infighting amongst nobles, families, political factions, etc. and playing one side against the other. The British excelled at this skill and before long had Indian Politics in the palm of their slick hands.

Being a colonized nation is never a good thing because customs and ways of doing things are introduced to you that are totally alien to your way of life. Racial injustices were handed out at the ferocious hands of the British and there was never any lack in the rapacious attacks upon the natives of the land. After seizing power as a force to be reckoned with, the British then manifested its true intentions from the beginning. Slavery and servitude were twins that the natives would become familiar with.

By 1890, six thousand British officials ruled over 250 million Indians, and this rule was only empowered by the fact that the Indians were vanquished mentally and inept physically. The will to resist was never there. This rule was fostered by the continued race theories that were pushed by the British to the point that anyone not of British look was exterminated. Both Mentally and physically. This was one of the many tactics that were leveled against the Indians.

Famine and desolation was another method used by the British to maintain a level of dominance over the natives. Up to 35 million people died in famines and this was not helped by the fact that in 1943, nearly 4 million Bengalis died horrific deaths due to mass starvation. How can it be said that British rule benefited the Indians and how can it be ascertained that British dominance liberated the natives? The Indian population never used trade as a means to exploit other nations, much less their own inhabitants. The Indian nation has never fully recovered from such massive aims leveled against them by the British and it is a mass disrespect for the natives to read that colonialization benefited their land when all that is left the remnant of pillage and destruction?

In 1947, a semblance of freedom came when India was granted independence. At this same time came the death of one million plus and the displacement of more than 10 million. Just because the oppressor leaves the land doesn’t mean that the policies of the impressor are not still in place or even the foundations of the foreign rule are still in place. The exit, physically of the British just laid way for the mental oppression to become manifested thereafter.

In summary, the British rule was a lethal manifestation of what the mind of man can do when it is geared up with deception, trickery, and promise. The ingredients of destruction for any nation.


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