Halford Boudewyn

No one could imagine Halford Boudewyn would be a spy of the anti-Japanese army. He was too tactful to be a suspect. He sold vegetables as a daily routine until he met a Prisoner Of War (POW) who recruited him to become a spy.

As a spy, Halford would do the vending in the Indian national army areas and sell the vegetables to the Prisoners of War. The POW would then claim the vegetables were stale, and return them with hidden stolen documents that carried essential information regarding the unkind treatment on the POWs and the invasion plans of the Japanese army into India via Burma.

Halford Boudewyn

Halford worked as a police officer in the Japanese police. He connected the prisoners to the allied broadcasts to give them hope. He gave confidence to the POWs too through the carbon paper he transcribed on and pasted using sago on the bus shelters and lamp posts where the POWs would read massively.

He could do this with the help of some Indian Army contacts who would sneak the info and gadgets to the prisons. His role was very crucial. After the war, he joined the police force of Singapore. He received an award of long service medal from the government of Singapore.


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