Singapore's War Veterans

The invasion of Japan in Singapore was an outrageous circumstance that led many of the Singapore citizens to get into war. Eter was one of the soldiers. He served as a Medical Auxiliary during the Second World War.

Much is not said about Eter’s background, but his contribution is sound and alive to date. He is among the few war veterans who are alive today to retell the ordeals they went through under the arms of the Japanese soldiers.

Singapore’s War Veterans

The 94-year-old remembers his narrow escape in the Operation, Sook Ching, that aimed at doing away with all the anti-Japanese elements. He escaped by jumping over the fence. The Japanese tracked him and caught up with him not so long after.

Eter Foo underwent inhuman torture when he was under arrest including water cures, electrocution, and running pipes of water on his mouth while persevering kicks in his belly. He confesses having a swollen stomach and getting very weak.

His intelligence led him to become a spy for the Japanese Government for two reasons; the first reason was to have needs for his family’s survival and secondly, to get information about the Japanese military strength; the weapons, planes, and the number of troupes.

His relief came when the Japanese surrendered in September 1945. He was appointed as a special branch officer in the police force to help in fighting the Communist force in Singapore in the 1950s.

Eter Efoo is famous for having a facebook account which many at his age don’t.


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