Australia role in World War 2

This statement, “I wish we had the Australians out there today,” from the British Army general is proof enough of how Australia played an instrumental role in the fight against other superiors of the WWII. More than a million Australians directly participated in the World War II.

Australia shared almost everything with Great Britain from Culture, Politics, and Socio-economic lifestyle. A critical analysis of this relationship is by the fact that Australia herself was in Great Britain. The Australian government accepted to join Britain.

Australia role in World War 2

Australia got into the war on 3rd September 1939 to wage war on Nazi, Germany, and other Axis powers (Germany and Italy) when they attacked the allies. They did not only fight the Nazis, but they also participated in other parts of Europe, North Africa, Mediterranean, parts of Pacific and South East Asia.

Between 1942 and 1944, Australia played a significant role in the Pacific war and South Asia. They advanced powerful resistance against the Japanese to the end of the war. They defeated the Japanese at the New Guinea war and the Huon Peninsula.

On the other side, they faced the first attack by the Japanese in the bombing of Darwin where close to 27, 000 Japanese died and more than 20,000 were injured.

The Australians also fought against the Germans at Crete in the Mediterranean and North Africa and defeated them. They went ahead and participated in invading Syria. Records have it that 14,000 Australians held Germans in the Libyan port of Tobruk.

Australia still stands to be one the most long-lasting standing army in the WWII.


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