Australia, The Middle East, and The Second World War

Despite Australia being independent, it was still under a lot of the United Kingdom influence. The government of Australia was under the notion of the UK’s survival having a lot of impact on Australia. When the war was declared on the Nazi, Australia accepted to support the United Kingdom.

On September 3rd 1939, Australia officially joined the Second World War. They played a significant role in the Commonwealth army. Britain highly depended on the Australian military for reinforcement because of their skills and resilience.

Australia, The Middle East, and The Second World War

Syria-Lebanon Campaign

Many of the Australian armies were deployed in the Middle East and the Mediterranean as part of the Commonwealth forces. The 7th division of the 17th the Brigade got into Syria in June and July of 1941. They got more reinforcement from the RAAF which took control of the air surveillance.

On 6th June, they found their way into Lebanon through the coast road and Litam River Valley.  They underrated the defence of the Vichy French in Lebanon. The defensive Vichy French raised a massive resistance. All the same, they subdued them, and the 7th division got into Beirut. On 13th of July, the campaign came to an end.

The rest of 1941, Austrian forces invested in the strengthening of Syria and Lebanon to facilitate her advancement into other parts of the Middle East in their operations.

However, Australia faced a strong attack for the first time by Japan during the second half of 1941 while preparing in the Middle East. Part of the force went back to Australia to raise the defense.


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