Arthur Ernest Percival

The late Arthur Percival came to this world on the 26th of 1887 December in Hertfordshire in Buntingford in England. He’s the 2nd son of Edith Percival and Alfred Reginald. He studied locally in Bengeo. Again in 1901, he got to learn in School House in Rugby as a boarder with his brother who was academically very successful.

The lieutenant General MC, CB, OBE, OStj, DSO and Bar was a senior in the British army forces. He created a very successful and good military career in First World War during interwar periods. However, he is well noted for his Second World War defeat wherein he had commanded the British Commonwealth forces when there were the Japanese Malayan campaigns as well as the Singapore subsequent battles.

Arthur Ernest Percival

The prestige of Britain was significantly undermined by his surrender to the Japanese Army Force that was invading. That surrender was the largest in the military history of Britain. Percival’s defenders like Sir John had always argued that Malaya’s underfunding of the defences, as well as the Commonwealth army that was underequipped and inexperienced, was wholly to blame for that misfortune.

He with great skill and gallantry commanded Gordok column, and due to this column’s success, the Dvina forces captured each objective that it had.

During the enemy’s Selmenga counter-attack on Gordok, he ensured that his men were excellently handled.   These enemies got replaced with extreme loss hence leaving four hundred prisoners in their hands.

Commands held

he held commands in

1918- 7th Battalion in the Bedfordshire Regiment

1932 -35 – 2nd battalion in Cheshire Regiment

1941 -42-  Malaya Command


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